Blue Moon Burgers, Seattle WA (Capitol Hill)


Note: Their website has a nice looking gallery of their burgers.  Check it out because there was no way I was going to order more than one burger to eat or photograph.

On a Sunday late morning, my kid asks for a burger for lunch.  I’ll be honest, Blue Moon Burgers wasn’t on the list.  We were headed to Capitol Hill at another already vetted “diner” but the line around the block caused us to re-think our dining choice.  After driving around, yelp-ing on the mobile and racking our brain for a really good burger on Capitol Hill, we ended up at Blue Moon Burgers.

We parked and headed to their Capitol Hill location located right on Broadway.  They have two other locations in the area.  It was shortly after 11am and the place was empty.  I’m assuming the Capitol Hill crowd was either still partying, hung over in bed or just in bed.

Their menu lets you choose from pre-determined burgers and do-it-yourself burgers.  What’s cool is you can choose the bun, type of meat (or meatless), condiments, garnishes and add-ons.  Very cool. Also, you’ll find a rotating menu of specials, including burger, side, shake and local beer.

Me: Black Bean Garden Party; no additions and nothing left out.
Kid: Brioche, Beef, Cheddar, Bacon; hold the pickles.
Husband: Brioche, Beef, Blue, Egg, Bacon; don’t change a thing.
Share: Garlic Parmesan Fries

Consensus?  What a pleasant surprise.  Locally sourced ingredients and great service really make a better burger.  This place is locally owned so please, support small business!

Blue Moon Burgers on Urbanspoon


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